Monday, October 5, 2009

Smile to Children

Smile to children child care project is one of the continuous projects of Leo Club of Bokundara. The project was started in year 2007.In that year we took the children of Jagaddala Childrens Home to watch the Dehiwala Zoo. In next year we took them to watch the ABA movie. In both Leo Conferences they were awarded as the Best Child Care Project. In this year we did this project to celebrate the World Children's Day.As a gift for those innocent children we accompanied them to watch the latest children's movie "Bindu" on the 4th of October at Tower Cinema Hall, Moratuwa. 26 children watched the movie with our Leos on that memorable day


  1. Well done Leos , glad to see you back in action. Well done and i hope you would be a pride to your new sponsors.

    Keep up the good work and again restore the glory of Leo Club of Bokundara. Well done .

  2. congradulations!
    I appriciated your project very proudly.
    keep it up , well done.

    Lion Widyakeerthi Dissanayake