Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dengue Preventing Project

Dengue Fever suddenly has become a huge threat to our society. Thousands of people in different parts of the country have suffered from this in last six months.Dengue Fever is something we can prevent if we can pay our attention. This disaster has occurred because of our selves and the environmental pollution. So Leos of our Club decided to organize a Dengue Preventing Project in the Dengue Preventing week. We made a leaflet that includes how we can prevent Dengue and we should react after. On the 25th September evening we visited close to 100 houses in Madapatha area and distributed our leaflets and explained the importance of keeping their surrounding clean. We thought our effort was very successful after the appreciation we got from the villagers. We are looking forward to organize some more of these projects in near future as well.

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  1. Well done and best of luck with your future projects. Hope you will do a number of good projects this year.