Sunday, November 15, 2009

Joint General Meeting - November

Leo Club of Bokundara and Egodawatta organized our General Meeting jointly on the 14th of November at Camila School Hall Mattegoda. The Zone Director Leo Thiwanthi Kulasekara participated as the Chief Guest. It was great to see that 26 Leos from organizing Leo Clubs participated in the event. Also Leo Adviser of Leo Club of Bokundara and Zone Chairman Lion Rohana Kulasekara was present at the occassion.
The main event of the occasion was handing over the Spot Light Child Care Banner Patch which was awarded by the Lions Club International for one our biggest projects "Smile to Children". The Banner Patch was handed over by the Chief Guest Leo Thiwanthi to the President of the Club. And the Certificates for the participants for that project was given by Lion Widyakeerthi Dissanayake. It was the first time that a club has taken this banner patch in our district. So it is a massive achievement for Leos and the correct spark that we have been looking to mortivate our Leos.
The meeting was a great opportunity for us to build the friendship among the Leos of two clubs...
We are very much looking forward to organize more of these events in future.

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